Deepika Padukone says no to selfies

By desk8Jun 23, 2019, 17:33 IST
Deepika Padukone says no to selfies

Deepika Padukone’s husband Ranveer Singh might be one of the most vivacious actors on and off screen, but the leggy lass seems to have issues with interaction with fans and the paparazzi. During a recent outing, the paparazzi caught her and started making most of the photo opportunity. However, as soon as the question of selfies arose, Deepika excused herself, Deepika said that she was not doing selfies and hurried off.

Deepika’s point is valid because selfies are something that’s more personal than a photo that the paparazzi clicks. Also, the paparazzi clicks have been part and parcel of celebrity life since decades, but selfies are a recent craze. The media has reported countless incidents where fans have misbehaved with male and female fans when they have come to celebrities.

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