Don’t Panic, Urges Mantra To His Fans And Citizens

By adminApr 17, 2020, 14:44 IST
Don’t Panic, Urges Mantra To His Fans And Citizens
Actor and audio artist, Mantra urges everyone to not give into panic, as it spreads faster than the virus during his telephonic interview.
With Lockdown being extended till 30 April, there is wide-spread panic across the nation. Actor Mantra, who is well known in films, televisions and radio world, urge to stop giving into panic.
He said, “Don’t panic! Panic is something which spreads faster than the virus. It is more dangerous than the corona virus. Do not follow those panic words. Do not spread panic forwards on social media. At the end of the day, world has seen such situations many a times and the world has always survived. Frankly speaking, it is not as bad as when the Tsunami came or the earthquake came. Those are bigger pandemics that we faced and we came out. We will fight through this one also. Panic is more dangerous than corona. So beware of that”
Don’t Panic, Urges Mantra To His Fans And CitizensBollywood has come to a stand-still due to current situation, every production house has shut down their projects, due to which daily wagers are being affected badly.
Talking about daily wagers and their plight in these times, Mantra said, “It is absolutely true that daily wage earners not only from the film industry but all over, who are walking miles to reach their homes, they are the people who are most affected. But I am glad that there is a balance out there in nature and the fact that people are helping these people have kept my faith in humanity as well. This thing will always be there that somebody will always be there to give and somebody will always be there to take”
Apart from being a stellar actor, Mantra, the owner of Mantramugdh Productions, is also known for having received several accolades for is theatre contribution, radio jockey, and voice over artist.
Talking about his future projects, Mantra said, “I have three four projects lined up that are ready for release. In fact, one of them will release this week, it is called a phone a friend that is coming up on ZEE5. There is another web series on ZEE5 called Casino. I have another web series called Don’t Panic, Urges Mantra To His Fans And Citizens Magic which will be out soon. There is another web series that I have been shooting for Salman Khan Productions that will take some time to release”
Mantra is a respected name in audio world; his podcasts has an unprecedented popularity and reach.

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