Folk Music Is Loved And Appreciated Says Swaroop Khan

By Biz BalkaniMay 1, 2020, 08:00 IST
Folk Music Is Loved And Appreciated Says Swaroop Khan
Folk Singer Swaroop Khan says that folk music is loved and appreciated by everyone and he does not think that folk music needs to compete with any other kind of music.
Known his hit songs from PK (Tharki Chokro) and Padmaavat (Ghoomar), singer Swaroop Khan believes that every kind of music deserves its due credit and folk music is not under any threat. 
Talking about remix market consuming most of top slots in music industry and folk music being overshadowed, Swaroop Khan said, “Folk music is like an ocean, it is vast and huge. I don’t think folk music is being threatened by remix market or any other type of music. This whole of thing about one type of music being threatened by other, or better than other, needs to stop. Folk music has been in existence for 1000 of years, it is well appreciated and loved in India and overseas” 
“Different kinds of music cater different kinds of taste, there is rap, classic, rock, folk, fusion, filmy songs, they all exist because people love them, and I don’t think folk music is threatened by anything. If someone wants to do something new, they have every right to express their creativity, why it is such an issue. Folk music is a way of connecting with god; it has been here long before and will remain long after” 
Swaroop Khan came into limelight with his participation in India Idol 5, which according to singer has changed his perception about singing.
He said, “Earlier I use to sing only folk songs but after Indian Idol, I started experimenting with other type of songs as well. Singing is more than just talent; it is a way of connecting with god. I started experimenting with voice modulation; I started singing different kind of songs with different voice approach. Now I have started singing different songs for different occasions, ranging from wedding songs, somber numbers, to rock songs”
Swaroop Khan also talked about his childhood dream of becoming a singer. He said, “Some people are forced into their respective professions, but as far as I can remember, I’d always wanted to be a singer. I come from a family of singers, so it’s been part of my upbringing and singing made sense to me, it appealed to me and I followed it”
Swaroop Khan’s other hits includes Mehandi, Bahut Hua Samman,     Jai Ho Pehlwaan, Crazy Lagdi. 

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