Gajendra Verma and Jonita Gandhi's latest musical treat 'Ab Aaja' leaves fans awe-struck

By Biz BalkaniSep 23, 2020, 18:05 IST
Gajendra Verma and Jonita Gandhi's latest musical treat 'Ab Aaja' leaves fans awe-struck
 Gajendra Verma seems to be in a zone of delivering back to back hits. His latest release ‘Ab Aaja’ has caused quite a stir amongst fans. It takes listeners back to the melodious journey of his initial track 'Emptiness' which has secured a permanent place in the hearts of people.  His previous releases still rein the OTT platforms and the latest one seems to take it at a fever pitch.

Benchmark Entertainment & Virtual Planet gloriously released the most awaited song ‘Ab Aaja’ sung by Gajendra Verma  &  Jonita Gandhi featuring Priyanka Khera in the music video as a lead opposite Gajendra. The alluring music video of this song has been shot in Chandigarh. Jigar Mulani has served as Creative Director for this project. The expressiveness and depth of this song has kept people hooked to it. The music of this song is very much appreciated and cherished by listeners. People are finding it soothing and dulcet. The lyrics of ‘Ab Aaja’ written by Aseem Ahmed Abbasee is so gripping that it leaves listeners humming the song on loop. The video beautifully depicts the theme it is based on which says, ‘When love is real it always finds its way and then forever it stays.’


‘Virtual Planet Music’ has been treating the masses with songs that have become people’s favourite. They are best known for the artist-centric approach which promotes independent music.

Gajendra’s previously released ‘Tere Nashe Mein’ has already crossed 4.3 million views on youtube. People found it extremely addictive. His fans were excited seeing him in a new avatar presenting an unconventional song. There was an increasing demand by fans for a new melodious release from Gajendra, which was blissfully fulfilled by the release of ‘Ab Aaja’. He is amongst the very few self-made artists who are admired by fans upto a great extent. His work is celebrated as an invaluable contribution to the indie-pop music. This time again, Gajendra left the fans in ecstasy by releasing this heart-touching melody.  

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The fans are showering abundant of love and support to the song already. It has left people nostalgic as it gives them vibes of his initial hit releases. Denoting Gajendra as ‘Mood Changer’, fans are loving the song immensely.

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