High Time, People Got Conscious About Mental Health Says Shama Sikander

By Biz BalkaniJun 24, 2020, 19:57 IST
High Time, People Got Conscious About Mental Health Says Shama Sikander
 Actor Shama Sikander has battled bipolar disorder for years but emerged victoriously. Depression can be lethargy and can lead to suicide. It may be a famous or non-famous person. Today the actor took to her Instagram handle and shared her views on the same. Shama believes that each life lost is a failure, but only famous people are highlighted. She further expressed that it’s high time people should become aware and become conscious of mental health. In her post, Shama also spoke about her short film, which traces the people fighting depression and their power to come out of it.
The Instagram feed of Shama read, “Since the mental health is once again “important for the world”
And I say “once again” is bcoz its sad and ironic that something so important as mental health needs to be reminded to people again and again! most of us are going through it but still there’s such a stigma that not many talks about it! so ironic that to remind u all some “famous” person needs to commit suicide! And i use the word “famous” bcoz to a lot of people non famous suicides doesn’t even matter!?? As they are not talked about or highlighted by d news. Why??? Shouldn’t every life matter? Each life lost is our failure as a person, famous or non famous. Its high time we all become aware and conscious beings.
Here’s another short film i made for people fighting with this illness hope this helps the fighters... you have the power to come out of it, if i can you can do it too, only YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF....
Shama Sikander is best recognized for her lead roles in TV series like ‘Yeh Meri Life Hai’. She is a social media sensation as well and has a massive fan base across all social media platforms.
Shama Sikander is known for her bold photo shoots and hot videos. She is one of the sexiest actresses in the Hindi television industry.

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