"​Huma Qureshi And Sayani Gupta Join ‘Stop hate For Profit’".

By editorenglish BalkaniSep 18, 2020, 12:01 IST
"​Huma Qureshi And Sayani Gupta Join ‘Stop hate For Profit’".

Social Media handles is a good medium to put in our views and interpretations. But sometimes these platforms turn out to be undesirable. Actor Huma Qureshi and Sayani Gupta have joined the campaign ‘Stop Hate For Profit’.

Both the divas have made up their mind to freeze their Instagram account for 24 hours, as people are spreading negativity, toxicity, lies, and bigotry. They have urged the people to join the campaign and stand united to put an end to online hate and prejudice.

Huma wrote, “Saw this on Robert Downey jr and saritatanwar2707 ‘s account first. Social media esp Instagram is a beautiful place to connect and share beautiful memories. I cannot bear the recent toxic talk around us ... We all must stand up to put an end to the online hate and bigotry. Now. #StopHateForProfit We must hold social media companies accountable. Stop spreading misinformation, lies, hatred, and bigotry.

The Instagram feed of Sayani read, “When I joined Instagram, it was a beautiful place to share photographs, getting to know each other through their eyes, their understanding of images, a glimpse of their lives, all things lovely! Now it's changed into something else. Of course, there is a direct connection with fans and followers, which is beautiful. But it's also become a place for random people and trolls spreading negativity, toxicity, lies, and bigotry. Social Media Platforms need to take cognizance and clean up this mess and cannot stay silent to just make profits, any longer! #showaccountability #stophateforprofit #indiaagainstabuse”

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