Label of biopic making director is working in my favour says Omung Kumar

By Shaheen GowdaApr 5, 2019, 14:00 IST
Label of biopic making director is working in my favour says Omung Kumar

Filmaker Omung Kumar, who is gearing up for the release of his next film titled “PM Narendra Modi’, has said that label of biopic making director is working in his favour so, he would like to cash upon it.

Omung Kumar was interacting with the media to promote ‘PM Narendra Modi’ on Thursday in Mumbai.

Before ‘PM Narendra Modi’, Omung Kumar has made films like “Mary Kom’ and ‘Sarbjit’ which were biopic of Indian boxer Mary Kom and India born Pakistani prisoner Sarabjit Singh respectively, when asked Omung why he is only concentrating on making biopics, he said, “I was shying away from making one more biopic after ‘Mary Kom’ and ‘Sarbjit’. I was telling everyone that I have 10-12 stories with me which I want to tell through my films but when I announced that, suddenly some big thing comes up my way that I can’t refuse. Fortunately or unfortunately, it has become my forte. People make love stories so, if I only make biopics then, it’s alright so, I don’t have any issues with it. Earlier, I used to think that I will be type casted as a biopic director. After two biopics, I feel people trust me and they look forward to my films. I feel label of biopic making director is working in my favour and I would like to cash upon it.”

Since makers of ‘PM Narendra Modi’ has announced to make a film on life of India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  people from various sections are terming it as a propaganda film ahead of upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Various political parties also filed a complaint in election commission to put stay on release of the film till election period gets over, talking about it, Omung said, “I don’t understand why we would make a propaganda film. Nobody has told us to make the film. The idea of making film on prime minster Narendra Modi’s life was in mind of Sandip Ssingh (producer) since last three years. When I was judging reality show called ‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’ with Vivek Oberoi, we told each other that we should make a film together so, when Sandip Ssingh approached me with this subject that time, I thought how can I not do this film because if I will not direct it then, someone else might direct it so, obviously I had to it.”

Label of biopic making director is working in my favour says Omung Kumar

Omung said that it’s a coincidence that film on Narendra Modi’s life is releasing during Lok Sabha elections, he said, “After I came on board, we approached Vivek Oberoi for the film and Vivek immediately said yes to the film and that’s how it fell into place. There was no one who told us to make this film. That time, we didn’t decided release date of the film and after writing the script, we started shooting of the film in January and after certain period, we decided to release the film during the month of April or May but at that time, election dates weren’t announced and everything just come together so, now people are thinking that it’s a propaganda film but it’s not a propaganda film. I think propaganda film doesn’t help a person or a party to win an election and if that was the case then, no one would have worked in their five year of tenure and everyone would have made one film during the time of elections.”

When asked Omung whether he would like to dabble in other genre of films apart from making biopics, he said, “I would like to make films of every genre. I have noticed that whatever I announce, something else comes in so, I am not announcing any films as of now. I am working on romantic, action and thriller based films. I have a lot of stories with me and I am trying to make those films.”

The biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not open in theatres tomorrow. Amidst the ongoing controversy over the release of the film ‘PM Narendra Modi’, its producer Sandip Ssingh posted on his Twitter account that the film will not be released on April 5. He did not disclose the new release date for the film either.

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