​Malaika Arora Shares Some Yoga Tip And Poses

By editorenglish BalkaniJul 28, 2020, 16:38 IST
​Malaika Arora Shares Some Yoga Tip And Poses
Everybody knows that Malaika Arora is called as a fitness freak. She owed this tag with all her wonderful way of workouts. Being a Yoga freak, Malaika always stays healthy and fit and also advises the same mantra to her fans by posting her yoga and workout videos on social media.

Malaika took to her Instagram handle and shared Goumukhasana or Cow Face Pose for her fans. Welcoming her fans to a new week, she coached her fans to perform Goumukhasana.

The Instagram feed of Malaika read, “Hey guys, welcome to a new week! I’m keeping it simple & classic this week because there are certain poses that seem so easy to the eye but are so, so transformative, and I’d love to share them with you. How many of you’ll actually interlock your hands?”  

“I’ve been loving your pictures so much, its really nice to see everyone take care of themselves. Don’t forget to tag @sarvayogastudios @thedivayoga and #malaikasmoveoftheweek when you post :) This time is Goumukhasana or Cow Face Pose - Sit on the mat with your legs stretched out. Now bend the left leg, placing the foot under or next to your right hip. Fold your right leg over the left, placing the right foot next to your left hip - Bend your left elbow behind your back, with the palm facing upwards - Raise your right hand towards the sky, bend it at the elbow with the palm facing downwards - Try to interlock your palms in a clasp with your fingers. If not possible, use a bottle or the remote to bridge the gap - Hold for a few seconds and release the pose”

“Goumukhasana is a great pose to stretch out your sitting muscles, shoulders & armpits, just a few minutes of this pose every day could do wonders for your health! This beautiful shot is by @by.the.gram :) Stay safe, happy, and healthy! Malaika Arora”

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