Nishikant Kamat Is Still Alive Confirms

By editorenglish BalkaniAug 17, 2020, 15:07 IST
Nishikant Kamat Is Still Alive Confirms
The news was viral that filmmaker Nishikant Kamat has passed away but fortunately, it’s not true, he is alive but in a very critical condition.
Shunning all the rumors regarding Nishikant Kamat, actor Riteish Deshmukh took to his social media and wrote a two-part tweet. He shared, “Nishikant Kamat is on ventilator support. He is still alive & fighting. Let’s pray for him”
The second tweet read, “Requesting all the respected Media Houses who reported on #NishikantKamat to put out a clarification please”
Minutes after tweeting about the "heartbreaking news" of Kamat's death, filmmaker Milap Zaveri corrected himself and wrote, “Just spoke to someone who is with Nishikant in the hospital right now. He hasn't passed away yet. Yes, he is v critical and fighting life and death. But he is still alive."
"Sadly the end seems inevitable anytime soon. But as of now, Nishikant is still on a ventilator," Zaveri wrote in a separate tweet.
The whole confusion started when several media reports started claiming that the filmmaker had passed away. Twitter also flooded with condolence messages from actors and filmmakers of Bollywood and other film industries.
However, soon after that, contradictory tweets started appearing, claiming that the filmmaker is still alive.
Nishikant Kamat is on life support at a hospital in Hyderabad. The filmmaker was diagnosed with Chronic Liver Disease and other secondary infections.

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