OTT platforms, Riding The Wings Of Corona Effect

By Shaheen GowdaMar 18, 2020, 16:36 IST
OTT platforms, Riding The Wings Of Corona Effect

China export, Corona virus pandemic is something which is disrupting livelihood, causing panic and creating an overall health hazard, which doesn’t seems to stop anytime soon. People are scared and locked inside their homes, switching through channels looking for entertainment; they are not looking for debaters and researches arguing over Covid-19 cause or political parties blaming each other. They want something to keep their mind racing off to panic, Entertainment!


People need entertainment, something to occupy their minds with, apart from fear and panic. In these strange times, one understands the full capacity and magnitude of boredom and OTT platforms provides a wholesome entertainment catering to wide variety of people taking care of their boredom.


We’re asked to stay inside, and films are being stalled, one could only exercise or cook only this much, and with our time and need for next entertainment fix, only thing we can do is watch movies and series on OTT platforms.


In these moments of panic and chaos, where every sector is suffering losses and facing dire crisis, and digital traffic at its peak, for obvious reasons, searching for information and entertainment, OTT is the only one sector which could be booming to its peak, think about it.


There should be a boom right now in subscription base of OTT platforms and their digital traffic must be sky-rocketing, if it hasn’t started already, streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, ZEE5, ALT Balaji, Voot, Jio TV, and a lot more are reluctant beneficiaries.


Not that OTT platforms creator waited for this crisis to get their businesses running and neither do they endorse such tragedy, but one cannot overlook the fact that digital platforms are facing a sudden surge of monetary influx and subscription due to health crisis. Something similar happened with Paytm at the the time of Demonetization.


ZEE 5 is one such platform, which is great with its content and subscription base, with presence in multiple countries and content available in every possible language, the platform has risen to the top with highest number of subscription and digital traffic. With the kind of content and accessibility, and current demand, ZEE5 is moving forward, it wouldn’t come across as surprise if it surpasses the Netflix’s global presence. The streaming platform also gives access to movies, TVC, regional content and of course their popular shows and series.


Streaming platforms were specifically designed to cater inside entertainment needs, where audience can enjoy their favorite star, series, show, movie or song, in their most comfortable position, dress, couch and room! Indoor or home based entertainment is booming right now.

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