Power TV Banned

By editorkannada BalkaniSep 29, 2020, 16:36 IST
Power TV Banned

India is the largest democratic country. Lately we feel like the prevalence and austerity is decreasing. Democracy itself means government of the people, by the people, for the people. Does it matter only to the namesake? It is only true that rulers are dictators and people are victim in this system. Every person here has freedom of expression. The media, in particular, is known as the fourth pillar of democracy. But if the government imposes a media blockade, is it really a democracy?

Let us focus on the main issue now. The issue is that the government has stopped Power TV activity. The CCB police raided the Power TV office yesterday and seized hard disks, computers and some documents as a matter of concern to particular case.  Rahman Hassan of Power TV came to Facebook Live and shared all these things.

All activities of Power TV have been stalled by the government. Facebook account of Power TV is also withheld. If the government does like this, all employees of Power TV will take to the streets. Rahman is in tears saying that all this is being done since power TV made the news about the CM Yediyurappa’s son's misuse of power for certain actives. What Rahman is saying is that it is a democratic carnage.

Citizens should not fight for their basic rights. Such events will continue to happen until our citizens understand the above mentioned simple fact.

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