Raj Nayak Confirms His Own Talk Show

By Biz BalkaniApr 25, 2020, 09:45 IST
Raj Nayak Confirms His Own Talk Show

The founder and managing director of the House of Cheer, Raj Nayak, will be launching his own talk show Friday’s Live today, April 24, at 5 PM.
Raj took to his social media profile and confirmed his talk show, along with his first feature guest, Jill Majeski.
He tweeted, “Hi everyone, I am truly excited to be launching my own talk show, where I plan to bring in guests from various walks of life and interview them in a free flowing chat to get to know them up close & personal. Hope you will join me on this journey”
Transformational life coach Jill Majeski will speak about self-awareness in the first edition of the hour-long talk show. Self-awareness is a tool that can help you get acquainted with your own strengths and weaknesses. It is also the secret ingredient to professional success and what separates leaders from bosses.
To expound more on this idea, transformational life coach (PCC) and energy psychology practitioner Jill Majeski will feature in the first edition of Friday’s Live with Raj Nayak.
The hour-long talk show, produced by the House of Cheer, will feature guests from various walks of life who will engage in a free-flowing chat with the media maven.

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