Satyam Srivastava Turns Next Big Author in Fiction Genre with Nitesh Tiwari’s Praises

By Biz BalkaniOct 17, 2021, 16:05 IST
Leading print giant Leadstart Inkstate backs author Satyam Sirvastava’s trilogy saga, The Wielder Of The Trishul, which has won praises and a probable movie adaptation from award winning filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari.

India’s next big author in the genre of mythological-fiction to be on a lookout for is none other than Satyam Sirvastava. He has crafted a sublime and brilliant integration of mythology and fiction with his latest book – The Wielder Of The Trishul, which was recently launched by Nitesh Tiwari.

Filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari expresses that he was happy to launch his fellow IIT-ian book as they share three common things. During the book launch, Dangal director said, “Three reasons, I couldn’t say no to Satyam for the book launch. First, we have an IIT connection, second we stayed in the same hostel and third, my love for mythology. He was kind enough to send me a signed copy; I have read two chapters, and I am hooked to the book. Although he has created a fictional world, but he has smartly incorporated some of the mythology.”

'The Wielder Of The Trishul' is based on mythology and is available in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Furthermore, Nitesh added that he is awe of his writing style and given the arch of the story, he might be adapting the trilogy for a movie. He said, “Satyam has crafted a fictional world with relatable mythological character, I am intrigued and excited about it. I might adapt it for a movie”

“His style of writing is simple and entire world is beautifully crafted, as a reader, simplicity is important for me” added Nitesh.

Author Satyam added, "This saga is based on Indra and Vritra. I love our mythology as our heroes and villains, both are very strong characters. We all know the story of Indra and Vritra, but took the premise and put it in a fictional space. A story like this will appeal to everyone. Hence I got it translated in multiple languages”

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