Shahid Mallya supports the HOPE B~Lit and CANKIDS’ joint venture to felicitate Cancer Survivors

By desk5Dec 17, 2019, 22:49 IST
Shahid Mallya supports the HOPE B~Lit and CANKIDS’ joint venture to felicitate Cancer Survivors

Those innocent sparkling eyes, bundles of giggles, those innocent questions and the robust souls that light up our lives, when something happens to them, the world around us collapses; everything stops to matter and what we care about is only the well being of our child. Imagine those little souls dealing with something as critical, something as deadly as Cancer. When faced with Cancer, our lives change forever, and the impact on the family and friends economically and emotionally is unimaginable; draining at times. Internationally acclaimed Los Angeles based non-profit organization HOPE B~Lit  Team collaborated with CANKIDS, India & United States came together to support and spread joy in the life of those who have been affected by Cancer. They will be travelling to 3 metropolitan cities in India to conduct workshops and provide much needed financial support to families with cancer patients.

On 17th December, 2019 Jagannath Bhatankar Municipal School in Mumbai witnessed people coming together in support of children suffering from Cancer. The Chief guests at the event was singer Shahid Mallya who sang the songs ‘Ik Khudi’ and ‘Darya’. The event focused at providing financial aid and felicitating to cancer survivors and fighters, fighting Cancer is tedious and these children definitely are real heroes to come forward with their stories.

Through a series of short films highlighting social issues, the organization puts a spotlight on the concerns around issues that children face globally. This particular effort is in order to raise awareness and funds so that real on ground action can be taken.  As the creative producer and writer of these films and the Founder of HOPE B~Lit, Ruhi aka Rohini Hak shared, “Our vision was clear from the beginning. While conceptualizing ‘Got Cancer!’ I knew the story not only needed to drive change in thought, but more importantly, it needed to translate into a call to action. That’s what creates a real impact on the ground for a supported cause. When cancer strikes, our first emotion is “fear”, but our work with children has shown us that children with cancer deal with the disease with positivity and hope”

‘Got Cancer” is a path breaking short film, that was also recently nominated as the Best Human Interest Film and aired on National television in Los Angeles. The movie highlights and talks about what cancer patients go through, their struggles and their triumphs.

“We at HOPE B~Lit are fuelled by passion and working in collaboration with other non-profit organization gives us the opportunity to amplify the causes we believe in, making everything seem so much more doable! We found synergy with CANKIDS – under the leadership of Poonam Bagai & Sonal Sharma. This organization has the largest footprint supporting children with cancer in India. It not only provides education to children with cancer, they also support the families financially, especially at a time after they have been afflicted by cost of treatment. Harnessing our aligned passion as an energy source, we hope to make a bigger difference in the lives of these children globally,” said Priyanka Banerjee, Communications Director, HOPE B~Lit.

All Proceeds from “Got Cancer!” screenings will continue to be donated to the kids braving cancer. HOPE B~Lit aims to provide much-needed support to affected children and their families in terms of further education and health check.

Shahid Mallya supports the HOPE B~Lit and CANKIDS’ joint venture to felicitate Cancer Survivors

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