​Sushant Singh Rajput Diary Reveals New Name Pankaj Dubey

By editorenglish BalkaniAug 13, 2020, 15:49 IST
​Sushant Singh Rajput Diary Reveals New Name Pankaj Dubey
Every day on the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput many new things are getting exposed. He was a man full of life and dreams used to maintain a personal diary. He would jot down minute details and his plans in it. Now his diary has revealed a new name, Pankaj Dubey.
In the diary, Sushant has stated that he wanted to execute some projects with Pankaj and Shraddha make them the creative head of it.
As per the reports, Pankaj has revealed something shocking. He said that everything was going fine but since one-year things changed a lot. Whenever he used to call Sushant, the call was answered by Rhea and then transferred to Sushant.
Pankaj found it very strange and weird. So he stopped calling him and thought when he will get a chance to speak to him directly, he will call.
Pankaj also stated that he also shared a very good bonding with his sister Priyanka, with his husband and his other family members. He even used to share small things with his sisters.
For Pankaj, it’s still hard to believe that Sushant will commit suicide because he was a happy going guy and a man with full of dreams. He was too positive and quite enthusiastic about his work.
About Pankaj, he is a very old friend of Sushant, they become friends during engineering days. Along with them Shraddha, wife of Pankaj Dubey and sister Priyanka was also in the same college. It seems that all four wanted to do something poles apart, so they decided to start a theatre group called ‘Mukhota’.

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