'Sushant Was Murdered' Claims BJP MP Subramanian Swamy

By editorenglish BalkaniJul 30, 2020, 12:50 IST
'Sushant Was Murdered' Claims BJP MP Subramanian Swamy

Sushant Singh Rajput's case has taken a different turn now as his family has filed a case against Rhea Chakraborty for abetting suicide. While Bihar Police Team is trying to take the case in their hands now, Former Union Cabinet Minister Subramanian Swamy has now shared a list of reasons why he thinks Sushant was murdered and it was not a suicide.
Yesterday Maharashtra Home Minister declared that there will be no CBI inquiry in this case post which Dr. Subramanian shared this list on his social media account. He shared 26 points of reasoning suicide and murder theory out of which 24 supports that it is a murder.
Some of them are the location of Ligature Mark on Neck, length of the Ligature mark, no eye pop out, no froth from the mouth, no tongue protrusion, various marks on the body, the body language of closest friends, changing of sims, no suicide note, Disha Salian's suicide, no financial crisis, amongst others.
Besides this, he has been regularly tweeting about the same. In one of his tweets, he said, "The Mumbai Movie Mafia has decided to dump a female actress so that potentially a murder case becomes a quarrel case (Lafhda in Mumbai Hindi) for Rs.15 crores. The female is easy to sacrifice for M3 to deflect the case."
He further writes, " Uddhav Cabinet ought not to have decided that the State will not permit a CBI Inquiry. The High Courts and SC can overrule that and direct CBI Inquiry. I did that in Tamil Nadu when a dominant caste through Police rampaged a 100% Scheduled Caste Village. CM, JJ had opposed it.
80% of the Mumbai Police want the case to be sent to CBI since this SSR high profile streaming hot case is overloading the Police.
Mumbai Police thinks FIR stands for "Final" Information Report as per M3, NOT "First" Information Report as per the Criminal Procedure Code. So to register the " FIR" the Mumbai Police is waiting for all the information to come in. Is Mumbai Police following M3 prepared? PC?"
Prior to all this, Dr. Subramanian Swamy had also sent a letter to PM Narendra Modi urging CBI investigation in this case to which the PM also acknowledged the letter.

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