"Try Tasty Gemsip Guava Juice".

By editorenglish BalkaniOct 10, 2020, 13:41 IST
"Try Tasty Gemsip Guava Juice".

Guava, multi-season fruit which we get in the market. Most of us like to eat a guava, but few people don't like it. As guava has health benefits, it has to be consumed one while a while. The people who don't like to eat guava can try Guava Juice produced by "Gm Agro and Beverages Pvt Ltd".

Generally, in order to make juice from guava,
Guava should be brought, cleaned chopped, and added to the grinder along with salt, sugar, and black pepper. It should make to a pulp. Water should be added after that and it should grinded one more time until it gets juice consistency. Which takes lots of time. 

So, You all can purchase the Guava juice which is prepared at "GM Agro & Beverages". It is prepared just like you all prepare at home with complete cleanliness and hygiene.  You can buy Gem Sip Ready to Serve Juice to taste Guava Flavour. 

GM AGRO, National Highways-4, Vaddinahalli Karnataka 577003, Davangeri  (2020)

Harmful chemicals are not used during production.  The public can purchase  Gem Sip Guava Juice prepared by "GM Agro & Beverages", without any second thought.  Once if you taste GemSip Ready to Serve Juice Juice, you will definitely crave for it again and again.


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